Friday, 9 September 2016

Tasmania Zoo

We headed out for a trip to Tasmania Zoo, the main attraction was to see some Tasmanian Devils!  its a fair drive out of Launceston and the turn off could be easily missed, well we missed it!  We arrived at opening and were quickly off with our map.  The entry prices are expensive but they have a great little zoo and its all funded by visitors and sponsorships.  It was $15 each for the kids and $28 for the adults.   It was super cold and frost was everywhere.

We first checked out all the bird aviaries, there were so many different types of birds.

Look how cold it is!
Nice to have a fur coat

Giant guinea pigs



 We then headed to the Tasmanian Devils enclosure for feeding time.  The road kill was a bit frozen!  Then once we had a briefing from one of the keepers we were al able to have a quick pat.  The kids all lined up and even the grown ups.  How lucky were we???  The zoo is part of a captive breading program where they are trying to counter the facial tumour disease they are facing.

Bit cold running around in the grass

Lama farmer

Guess who loved the bunnies.  You could pat them.
We spent the a good half a day here and if it had been warmer we would have taken advantage of the picnic areas. 

Check its website out here

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