Tuesday, 21 August 2012

As one Adventure ends, another BEGINS

Four more sleeps, we have four more sleeps.  Remember counting down to birthdays, Christmas, last day of school.....it's felt a little like that but also a little empty. 

Of course we are excited to go back home, to the place we built with lots of blood, sweat and tears (yelling and the odd tant), sad that John has to remain for a little longer, apprehensive to see what has happened (or not)


We will miss this place.  Not the the business of the city and constant sirens, not the chance to live in a different place or experience a different way of life (which has been a great experience) but the chance for it to be just us as a family, living without the added stress home brings, no dramas or unexpected events.  I don't think I realised how much it drains us. 

So we need to keep focused on what is important to us as a family and do what is right and take time together.

and I need to finish packing

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ottawa Visit Part 1....Parc Omega

We had a long weekend and as you do, decided to head somewhere for it.  Ottawa is about two hours away and the perfect spot to visit.  Ottawa is the capital and sits in a beautiful part of the country...who am I kidding its all beautiful! 

There are lakes everywhere and I mean everywhere.  People have little weekender cabins, retirement homes, fishing shacks, boats, canoes, float planes, lake living is a whole nother way of life, which I think I would like. 

Friends had told us that on the way was a place called Parc Omega and we would all love it, they also warned us to take lots of carrots.  Actually two families told us that!

So we packed the car up (this time a Ford SUV, no Dodge Caravan :-( ) cleaned the fridge out of fruit and veg, grabbed a huge bag of carrots and headed off.


Just after the entry (cost about $70 for our family of five), which was staffed by a really friendly lady who told us all about the park and asked us what we were doing and where we were from, is the main rest area.   

We had been driving for awhile and decided to grab a quick lunch here.  The food was pretty good for a tourist attraction.  The grown ups had burgers and the kids had hot dogs and fries
There is also a pretty cute gift shop here and rest rooms.

Around the entry doors they have been putting up the antlers that are shed each winter. 
Looks really amazing. 
A bit of bear love.


You can sit inside or outside on the deck that overlooks the lake. There are several really intricate bird houses, built like mini log cabins and  some small animal pen with foxes, raccoons etc. 

Then you drive through the main gates/grid and this is what you get!

Eww deer drool!  Good thing it was a hire car!!!!
At this stage I will pint out the kid who was freaking out was the first one shoving carrots down large wapitis gobs.  They are the giant deer.

Little cutie pies
I could have bundled one of these up and taken it home.

You will have trouble keeping them in their seats!
I am still killing myself laughing at this.  You should have heard them screaming!

Now what do you do if you get stopped by one of these things?

Big Beautiful Bison!

There are also wolves, black bears, ibex, lots of types of deer... a moose that was raised from hand (and I hear they have some new orphan moosies).  Would we go again, you bet!  We had so much fun. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Faces...These things are Everywhere

Everywhere we go there are these things....

From the aviation and space museum in Ottawa.


Outside the RCMP shop in Niagara Falls.

Ben and Jerry's in Vermont

Summer in Mont Tremblant.

So we did what you have to do, lined up and took silly photos!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ketchiccan Lumberjack Show

The other thing we had organised for Ketchikan was the Lumberjack Show.  Well you know how one of the things you think about Alaska is all the timber being sent down the rivers with big hairy men in flannie shirts stading on rolling logs???  I wanted to see if it was true. 

Not so hairy lumberjack

Action shot, would be better if they were cutting fence posts.

Flannie shirt.

Look a human squirrel!  They climb these massive poles as quick as anything and then you should see them come down, heart attack time.

Now we are talking ....

It goes for about an hour and cost $35.

After that we had to skedaddle back to the ship before it left but not before I went to the Christmas Shop.  It was amazing and I was very well behaved, much very much to someones surprise!

Alaskan Cruise Day 6 ...... Ketchikan Alaska

Hello Ketchican.  Catchy name that one!  Did you know its the salmon capital of the world?  Nope nor did I but we all do now!

  See proof, the sign says so.

There were four cruise ships docked!  Two Princess ones, us and an NCL one.  John liked the NCL colours, the kids liked the huge movie screens up on the Princess top decks (How come our ship doesn't have one of those?). We are the ones with the dark blue hull.

Ketchikan is actually on an island, with its airport on another island.  You have to take a boat across to get there, although most air traffic is once again float planes.  These are seriously cool things and  if you can get the Sarah Palin images out of your mind, they would be worth the $150 for a flight if we had more time.  It was fun just watching them take off and land.  Most of the houses are along the waters edge and have their own docks with either a boat or a float plane....if you are rich both.  Land is a bargain but building would kill you. 

Coming into port we saw orcas dear a dry dock.  Biz was pressed up against the window calling "Here fishy, fishy, fishy", must have worked.  No photo once again!

The Ketchican Duck Tour was our first activity for the day, its a bus tour with a difference, you get to drive around on the water.  You should have seen the kids faces when we were going down the boat ramp.  Like all good boat ramps there was some dude parked on it when we wanted to get out. So we did lappies in around the docks.  As you do!

Fishing is the other big industry (apart from tourism and timber)
There is even a Deadliset Catch tour There is one here which was in the show early on.
This isn't the boat!   

Told you these things are cool, look his and hers!

A little more about Ketchikan.

Here the kids are hanging off a statue in the port. 

Every photo he stuck his tongue out, every one!

Whats the best thing about the duck tour? Sticking your head out the port holes like a puppy.

Class my kids, all class!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Glacier Bay....more photos

 I'll say nothing but let you drink in the visual splendour .....
that is Glacier Bay National Park.

Now try and so some work after SOMEONE leaves me a comment!