Friday, 23 March 2012

It's been...

I'll be honest, cause lets face it there is no point not.  It's been tough, how tough, bloody tough.  I really didn't think it was going to be this difficult.  But lets face it, moving your whole family half way around the world isn't a small thing and when you are a small person, its a really BIG thing.  I knew the kids would find it hard to start off, just as the grown ups would but I really thought that once they started school, things would quickly settle down and we would be enjoying this opportunity. 

The kids have struggled with moving, particularly Rhys.  Its been a lot of things, moving away from home, missing friends and teachers, space and being able to go outside, winter, jackets, snow pants etc.  He has done it tough and at times I wondered if it would be better to just tuck my little chickens under my arm and go home.  I wondered what had happened to my little boy and what had I done to him.

Well it took a little longer than I expected but I think we have turned the corner and the kids are enjoying their new life.  Rhys is like a spring flower and blooming.  Each afternoon when they get off the bus I can see he has had a great day.  He even seems taller!  The early Spring probably  has a lot to do with it, a bit of sunshine and a play in the park every afternoon.  Bella bounces over to greet them as they get off the school bus, as they babble excitedly about what they each did, asking each other about their days, it's a good thing.

As a lady in my new favourite store told me, the other day "You are only as happy as your most miserable child.", it resonated deep within me.  Today I am happy.

So kids, Mum is sorry but trust me things are getting better, we will go home and you will enjoy this.  Trust me, I am your mum.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Got to love drivers in parking sign, what no parking sign!

Sugar Shack Train Trip

This is something I am really looking forward to.  I found this on the web this week while looking for somewhere to go on the train.  We decided last weekend we will go somewhere on the AMT network rather than sticking to central Montreal and get out and see a bit more.  It is a day trip to a Maple Syrup Sugar Shack.  The whole thing takes about six hours, so perfect for the kids, includes lunch (all you can eat, JB will be happy with that), sleigh rides, demo, maple taffy...sounds fantastic.

click here

here is the book we are reading to prepare

Got to love book club.