Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dinosaur Footprints

Okay I may be one of the only people who get excited about this (and some of my geo friends).  We were on the way back from Waterburg NP and decided to find the dino tracks.  It was pretty easy to find - well we had a map, a rough idea and there are not a lot or roads!  I think there was a small entrance fee.

We are sitting above the smaller prints
made by a two foot chicken lizard. 
Someone was not impressed.
Looks like Big Birds footprints!
Reminds me I still have these boots, just need to glue the sole back on.
Yep getting a bit keen to go back.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


  Be still my heart, I feel like I am living in Nat Geo World!
The gates to a whole new world....
I will never forget as we drove through Anderson Gate and had signed in, John turned to me and said "Right where are the animals", and as I turned I could see a kudu buck standing off to my side, springbok and then just ahead was a lone giraffe.  It was so fast and amazing neither of us grabbed the camera, to show our age, it was just before the digital camera phase.
The first camp isn't far from the gate and called Okaukuejo.  This was some of the accommodation, it was basic but more than adequate.  It was self catering with a brai area outside that we made use of.  All the camps have had major overhauls and look even better.
Since we were here to see it is
Yep this girl has a belly full of paws.

Out on the pan.

How cool to see so many different animals.  The guide book was so well written you could not miss them.

How lucky were we to see a heard of elephants on their way to the waterhole.
If you look closely you might see a tiny bubba tucked under its mumma. 
About to settle in for sundowners and game viewing at Halali Camp.
After a few nights we moved to Halali, the camp in the middle.  It was smaller and had less facilities, however the game viewing overlooking the waterhole was said to be special.  As you arrived at the camp, a huge elephant skull sans tusks greeted you.

There is that sunset.
Here is some current info on the park

Monday, 1 July 2013

Keeping Track

While we hate the fact Big Bean has to go away there is some consolation in the form of airline and hotel points.  We had never been big collectors of hotel points until about two years ago.  Points for air travel, well that was always a given even after loosing several hundred thousand points when Ansett collapsed. 

I have been using a program called Awardwallet to manage the points.  It allows you to add different users (good for us) and see the points values for each person and program on the one screen.  It also lets you see the expiry details of the points. 

This is the website

So the upside is that we have enough to do a couple of trips for all of us.  Now to do some serious planning!