Friday, 28 June 2013

Some day we will go back......

One of those things on the bucket list, is to go back to Namibia and show the kids where we spent a year of our life.  It has been over 13 years and I wonder how much has changed in a country so young.  It was only a decade since independence when we arrived and massive changes were occurring.  Having said that it was a safe and peaceful nation, except for the Capri vi which we didn't get a chance to explore.  In the next 2-3 years we hope to go over.  The kids are old enough now to go and I think they would really love the experience.

The first thing we saw after arriving in Walvis Bay (which use to be part of South Africa) was this....

Yep, even we could work that out!
Actually they are warning signs as sand can get blown across the road.  During a bad sand storm we saw cars that had their paint blasted off.
Swakopmund was a very pretty town on the coast.  It reflected its German past in the styles of buildings, restaurants, shops and German was still quite widely spoken.  Actually I would often get spoken to in German when I entered a shop, but JB didn't?????  It was all very colonial.  The Swakop River runs out to the Atlantic Ocean although it was mostly dry, we did see it flood the first weekend we were there.  It only took 2 inches of rain to do it.
The Swokopmund Lighthouse over looked the Mole and near the lighthouse was a restaurant by the same name, where we drank many G&Ts, couldn't risk getting malaria!  They also made a great mussel pot, filled with cheesy hots mussels and rice.  Yum.
I wonder how long we should go for.....  This time there are a few extra places we want to visit.  Maybe I should get out the travel planner and see what a budget looks like.