Thursday, 26 January 2012

The New Wine always it must have a view.....

First Time Skating

How lucky are we that the park on our street has an outdoor skating rink on it?  In the afternoons we see kids heading up there with their skates and hockey sticks.  It is so much fun to watch.  Next week they have a hockey game on with a bonfine and hot chocolate - its on the calendar and we are looking forward to rugging up and watching a game! 

Last weekend we went and got skates for the kids.  They were about $40 each.  Hayden has Lightening McQueen ones of course!

Here he is getting his skates on for the first time...

Woah it isn't as easy as I first thought!
Insert sound of Hayden whinging.  He thought he would be playing hockey by now!

Getting there....

Oopps he stacked it and cracked it! 

Bella's turn, she thinks she will be an ice dancer when she grows up.  We had to do a twirl but forgot to do a leap, maybe next week.

Rhys, the kid has guts.  He was very scared but wanted to try something new!  He was the best of all three. 
Now to look at skating lessons for them!

Daddy and Bella- are we having fun yet?  Please note Johns new jacket, it is triple goose down!

Starting School and all that

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy.  The boys started school here and are attending Westmount Park Elementary.  It is pretty different to what they are use to.  The school is huge!  It is all in one massive brick building, with a small playground outside. Not that they are spending much time outside at the moment. 

Here they are on the first day of school.

It took a little while but they are now taking the bus to school every morning and afternoon.  It is a little yellow school bus and picks them up right on our corner!  Very nice.

Rhys has sruggled with all the changes to his school life a bit but he is getting better each day and the more he understands what is going on, the more he is enjoying it.

Hayden started his school life and thinks Miss Alex is wonderful.  He is comes home each afternoon with the latest gossip and adventures.  He is really enjoying his french lessons and sounds very cute when he comes home and sings songs to me.

Bella, well she is bored and spends the day yapping!  You should see her when we meet the boys in the afternoon. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Traceys Birthday Dinner

Firsdt night at Mont Tremblant was actually my birthday night, so we headed out for an early family dinner.  You guessed it, a pizza and pasta place.  It was a couple of minutes from the condo, which was great, cause it was so cold!  The resort was making snow - which is really nasty teeney tiney ice crystals that blast you as you walk past, not like soft fluffy real snow.  See nature soes so it better.

Nope not everyone was looking!

Awwww aren't they cute!

Yep these were real logs above the bar, I thought it looked great.
Don't worry John, I wont ask you to recrerate it at home!!!

Everyone loved the snowman. 

This is were we had our Xmas Eve dinner the following night.

See I am catching up now I can have laptop time!