Friday, 21 December 2012

The Real Part 2

sorry Mum! 

John got back on time to put up some Chrstmas lights, which looks rather pretty.  The kids think they are great and we will have to get some more, I have my eyes on a few that will be on super sale on Boxing Day.  It does look better when its dark but I haven't taken that photo yet!

We have our first tropical plums on this year!!! Don't think they will be very big as it has been too dry, the peaches are smaller than lst year but quite plentiful.  Tasted great!  Not a lot of apples on either :-(

Bella got her first nose bleed, dont ask!

Haydens birthday cake.

Christmas Newsletter Part 2

See Mum, I did a Part 2.......

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Modern Twist on the Annual Christmas Letter

or as we all know, Tracey was slack this year and didn't get around to it!

Well its been a year since we started the blog to record our adventures.  It hardly seems like it and we can say its been an amazing year for us.  We have really enjoyed it and have grown as a family.  John arrived home about a week and a half ago, just in time for the end of year activities for school and Christmas.  We were all very excited to see him at the airport but it was very funny to see the goose down jacket and snow boots he was caring.  He went from -25 to +35m which wasn't too bad as it has been so dry here. 
Yep i travelled back with the three kids by myself, crazy but we wanted to get the kids settled back into school over here and were not keen on starting another winter over there.  With the kids moving up a grade, we would not have access to the school bus as we lived too close (by about 200m) to the school and walking to school in the snow is not fun at -17, trust me we did it a few times, poor Bella did it more as she had to walk down and back!  However i have to say, they were bloody awesome!  Business class travel does help, but Rhys pushed a whole trolley around the airport, customs and immigration were very kind and we were through and over to the transfer desk in no time.  Then a nice dude from Virgin went and got a bus and drove us over to the domestic terminal early.  i am pretty sure he was allowed to take the bus for a spin and he seemed to know what he was doing.  Although he did almost drive off the road when Rhys saw the Australian flag and proceeded to stand up and sing Advance Australia Fair, I just about fell out of my seat laughing!  It gets better when we landed in Mackay he got off the plane and threw his arms in the air and did a little celebratory dance, then (I told you it gets better) he kissed the car when he saw it!
The kids are all in school next year!  Bella did a preprep program at Pindi school and also was able to join the ekindy pilot this year.  She loved it and has made some new friends and reacquainted herself with old ones (as you do when you are 4) Before anyone asks, yes I will know what to do with myself!  When we got back the kids didn't suffer any jet lag and were back at school within a few days.  You should have seen the welcome back, only thing missing was ticker tape.  It was great! 

They have really enjoyed the remainder of the school year and were rather happy to put on the end of year concert.  Rhys has since admitted the idea of Aussie Jingle Bells is silly and he is not dancing Gangman for anyone!  He is however happy to sing about wanting a hippopotamus for Christmas......go figure????
Hayden (second from the left) and Rhys (in the red socks with no shoes on!), gettting their swimming awards.

 Hayden getting his Prep graduation certificate while being kept inline by Ms Green, he was doing silly hand gestures.......boys!

John as been rather impressed with my efforts while he was away, and so he should be.  I have become way to familiar with solar and wind power systems, water and all sorts of stuff, that I could have done without, he can have it all back.  I will however retain lawn moving rights, for the ride on, that thing is serious fun! 

Lots of work her next year but it will all be worth it.  This is the block we bought late last year.   It is rather dry and we are all doing rain dances at the moment.  So thats the end of part 1, I may add a part 2 or I may not......